Hollow Block Alternative LITEBLOCK

Hollow Block Alternative LITEBLOCK

Hollow Blocks in Cebu are probably the most commonly used lightweight concrete block when it comes to construction. This is because of their lightweight nature and price.

However, the former Big Brother Pinoy winner turned Eco-Entrepreneur Slater Young has over the last 24 months slowly but surely changed the construction landscape in Cebu and the Philippines with a new kind of concrete block.

His patented lightweight concrete block Liteblock is slowly but surely becoming the preferred construction block due to some pretty clear advantages:



Autoclaved aerated concrete has bee around since the 1920s and was pioneered by a  Swedish architect and inventor Dr. Johan Axel Eriksson.

AAC  offers many distinct advantages over concreted blocks, one of the major things being it’s eco-friendly.

  1. The thermal efficiency helps to reduce heat and cold in buildings.
  2. It’s very porous in nature which means it’s very fire resistant
  3. It’s extremally workable when it come to accurate cutting, which minimizes waste.
  4. Being Lightweight Autoclaved aerated concrete saves costs on energy and also transportation, 
  5. Liteblock is a larger size block which means faster masonry work.
  6. It’s estimated to reduce the cost of the project by more than 10%
  7. Liteblock saves on energy it’s a great property that makes it very insulator which in turn means the interior is easy to maintain.
  8. Fire resistant: Like normal concrete, Autoclaved aerated concrete is fire resistant.
  9. It has great ventilation properties: Liteblock is extremely airy and reduces humidity within the building.  An ACC  Hollow Block will absorb allot of moisture whilst releasing humidity.
  10. Liteblock is Non-toxic: No toxic gases are used in autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. It does not attract rodents kike rats or other pests like termites and can’t be damaged by vermin and insects.
  11. Lightweight Concrete blocks made out of ACC  weigh about one-sixth of typical concrete blocks.
  12. Long lasting concrete blocks: The lifespan of LITEBLOCKS is extended compared to traditional hollow blocks because Liteblock is not affected by a harsh climate or indeed extreme changes in weather conditions.
  13. Liteblock is very quick to assemble: as they are a lightweight material and very easy to work with, the assembly is much quicker.


Liteblock Vs Hollow Block

How Is Liteblock Manufactured?

Aerated Concrete is a form of a lightweight pre-cast concrete block that has air bubbles running throughout the material this generates the low-density lightweight concrete block in an autoclave oven environment.

This makes a Hollow Block that is manageable and can even be cut with a saw and drilling is easy. Because of this,  the concrete block must be tested for compression and moisture. The Liteblock concrete block can be used on walls, floors, roofs, and even lintels.

Properties of Liteblock Aerated Concrete Blocks

Aerated concrete blocks are solid lightweight concrete blocks joined together with a mortar and then reinforced with steel rods for additional support.  Liteblock AAC blocks have high insulation values and give good soundproofing and this means, they are used in top-level construction.

Check Liteblock out on Twitter  – https://twitter.com/LiteblockPh

And Facebo0k  – https://www.facebook.com/LiteBlockPH/


10 Tips From Our Cebu Plumber

10 Tips From Our Cebu Plumber

10 Tips From George Our Plumber From Cebu

As you may well know we travel to the Philippines every year for the last eight or so years. Over that time we have met some wonderful people that we now class as very close friends.

One, in particular, is George Lumpa a local plumber from the island of Cebu. We first met George 5 years ago on a 3 month trip to the Philippine Islands. We had not been to Cebu and it was on our bucket list of islands to visit.
We met George and his family in a local restaurant and from there over our stay in Cebu George and his family became good friends.

So outside of forming a firm friendship, George passed onto us his ten most valuable plumbing tips from a Cebu Plumber for your household.

1. Fix leaking faucets quickly; a leaking faucet can waste gallons of water in a matter of hours.
2. Make sure you Insulate your electric hot-water store tank and also the pipes, but be very mindful not to cover up the thermostat.
3. Insulate both your gas and oil hot-water storage tanks and in addition, your pipes, do not to cover the water heating top or bottom; if you are not sure you need to seek professional help.
4. Install non-aerating low flowing faucets and in addition shower heads, in order to save on your water bill
5. Most water heaters last 10-20 years, it would be a good idea to start shopping for a new one if yours is more than 8 years old.
6. You may want to do some research before your water heater fails will allow you to choose one that most appropriately meets your needs.
7. Turn down the thermostat on your water heater – water heaters allot of the time come from the factory with high-temperature  settings
8. Your water heater setting of 110°F should provide enough hot water for most families.
9. Make sure you drain a quarter of the water from your water tank every 2 months to remove sediment that stops heat transfer and lowers the performance of your heater.
10. When you heat with electricity and abode in hot and humid climate, consider putting in a solar water heater.



5 Specialist SEO Tips For Link Building Techniques To Enhance Your Website SEO Cebu

5 Specialist SEO Tips For Link Building Techniques To Enhance Your Website SEO Cebu

Link-building isn’t black and white after all. Although you might be using link-building methods that have been overused by thousands of other SEO specialists, there are many other techniques that can be used to enhance the rankings of your website.
With Google penalizing almost every known link-building technique, a small business finds it tough to rank their website in the search engines.  This is where you need to become a bit creative in building backlinks to your site. This article provides information on 5 innovative link building techniques to enhance your websites search engine optimization.
Local Sponsorships
This is an excellent way to gain backlinks if you are a small business operating within a specific geography. Obtaining backlinks from organizations in your neighborhood or town is a great way to get an SEO boost to your website.
If in Cebu The best way to do this is to sponsor events in your locality.  Once you have identified the right events to target, it is just a matter of allocating the appropriate budget for the project. Don’t worry; it is much cheaper than you think. This is an excellent way to get backlinks from industry conferences, local events, and colleges in Cebu.
Creating Audio Content
iTunes is not merely for downloading your favorite tracks. It is one of the most creative ways to build backlinks to your website. Audio content helps popularize your content and increase its accessibility. Creating an audio version of your content and promoting it on sites such as SoundCloud or iTunes is a great way to increase the number of people linking back to your content.
In fact, your content becomes accessible to a whole new group of people due to this. It isn’t expensive like most of you may think. You can record the blog post for free using GarageBand by picking up an external microphone for $20.
Identifying Dead Businesses In Your Niche
Although new businesses are created on a daily basis, a lot of existing businesses shut down due to numerous reasons. Identify the businesses in your industry that have stopped functioning. You need to analyze their backlink profile to identify the high-authority websites that are linking to this particular defunct business.
Once you identify such websites, email the webmaster informing him or her to replace the outdated link with new resources on your site. This technique can get you high-quality links when done the correct way.
Building Helpful Tool For Your Competition
All industries have their own set of tools to enhance its efficiency. Although some tools can be packaged as a separate product, there are many smaller tools that can be useful to your competition but cannot be sold as a separate product.
Providing free tools to other companies in your niche for the exchange of a backlink is an excellent way to get authority backlinks to your site.
HARO (Help A Reporter Out)
This is another great way to obtain killer backlinks from authority news sites. First, you need to sign up to HARO using their website. Once you sign up, you will receive three emails per day from reporters looking for various sources for their news reports.
Respond to these emails with your credentials and helpful tips. You offer a reporter important sources for their articles, and they will link back to your website in their article.
The aforementioned article provides an overview of 5 innovative link building strategies to enhance your website SEO. It will help increase brand awareness and profits of your business in the long run.


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